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QUERENCIA was born as the heart of the third Flamenco Collection of the CosaFina headdress firm. From the hands of the designer Marta Dianes, six pieces are born inspired by the elegance and strength of the Spanish essence and its most bullfighting roots. A mantilla, a montera, a Cordovan hat, a large comb, a lace hat and a headdress in the purest CosaFina style, make up the small collection that plays with the color black as its leitmotif.

Photography: Raúl Rosillo | Molelo: Odille Lima | Headpieces: CosaFina by Marta Dianes | Styling: Raul Rosillo, Marta Dianes and Odille Lima Makeup: Noelia Cortés | Photography Assistants: Gonzalo Periane, Paco Dianes and Juan Vinuesa | Wardrobe assistant: Alba Alex

Algeciras Bullring

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