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Now you can rent your Thing online too!
To do this, choose from the headdresses available in our rental catalogue, fill out this form and we will contact you.

Talk to you soon!



***The rental is only available for the Peninsula

It is very easy to rent your Cosafina if you cannot go directly to our atelier. To do this you must fill in the previous form in which we will ask you for your data in addition to the reference of the headdress in which you are interested and the date on which you need it. Once we receive your form we will proceed to the availability check and once we see that the headdress is available for you, we will send you an email with a link so that you can make the payment online.  

Rental period:

You can enjoy your CosaFina for a period of 5 days (from Thursday to Monday). A courier will take it home and pick it up once the rental period ends.


For the security of the return of the headdress we are forced to ask for a deposit for the service. This deposit will be added to the price of the headdress and will be returned once the headdress is back in our facilities. The deposit will be returned to the same card with which the client makes the payment.

If the headdress suffers any damage (stains, material breakage...) we will be forced to deduct part of the amount paid as a deposit, depending on the damage suffered. In case of loss of your fine thing, the total of the deposit, contacting us to collect the total sale price of the headdress. In any case, we will contact you to inform you of the damages and the serious amount deducted from the total deposit.

Shipping and return of the rental:
You will receive your Cosafina the Thursday before the date of your event, throughout the day, through MRW, in some exceptions on Friday before noon. We take care of requesting the collection in the same place for Monday. You will receive news from us on Sunday to remind you how to make the return. If you need to change any details of your return, you must contact us by writing to

Extra days:
It is very important that we receive the headdress on time. There is another client waiting for him for his event and we have to make it perfect. Late delivery will incur an additional €5 for each day. If you require additional days, it is essential to notify

Return of the product without its hat box:
It is essential that the item returns with the same packaging in which it was received, as this helps keep it in good condition during the trip. By not making the return under the indicated conditions, the client will have to make a payment of €10.

Rental cancellations:
You can cancel your rental before 14 days before your event and we will refund the rental amount, shipping costs and insurance, deducting €20, which are the management and reservation costs. If you decide to cancel it after 15 days, the refund will be made in the same way, but in a gift card so you can spend it in our online store or in the physical store.
To cancel your order send us an email to

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